Open to new possibilities…

…specifically, our new food stall will soon open on Saturday, June 18,2016. The food park business has been evolving quickly here in the Philippines and we finally got into the craze as we joined as one of the concessionaires in the only food park in the Katipunan area. I have never been a foodie, but I have always been pushing my sister to pursue her dream of creating her own food truck business because I know she loves to cook and she is a great chef. Finally she is pursuing one of her dreams as she opens her own Cajun shrimp place at The Yard in Xavierville Ave, wittingly called Prawn Star.

This is something entirely new for me. As a teacher, I really have no idea how these things work. But because I love sausages and I feel like it is something that people (like me) continue to look for in malls or restaurants, then I think this is something that would click with the Filipinos. (I pray and I hope). So please please please, pray with me… or send good blessings my way as I tackle this new endeavour that I am about to encounter. May this new possibility continue to flourish and open up to even more and greater opportunities.

Opening soon… Wakamojo Sausages. It’s a Sausage Fest!



Intermittent fasting

For the non-active me.

I know. I know. I have been advocating for an active lifestyle. Keep Moving. But right now, I’m at a point in my life wherein I just can not be consistent with that part of me and it sucks. In all aspects of development.

Physical : getting fat… or rather my clothes are getting tighter 😦

Emotional: getting depressed because of physical

Social: do not want to go out because I have nothing to wear, and I don’t want to eat anymore

Cognitive: can not focus. I get easily distracted or restless.

I have tried KFIT and it worked for a while… but it has been a hassle lately because I need to plan out my workouts. It’s hard to cancel or make last minute plans (because for some establishments, you can not). Plus, going to different places de-motivates me (if there is such a word).

I tried running. Once. haha I ended up just walking. I am truly not a runner. When i think about it, or read up on other people’s stories, I think, “I can do that. run lang naman. para may exercise.” But no…

I tried to post a Morning Workout on my door. So that “I can see it and do it.” Fail. Did it twice so far. And both were in the afternoon, after work. I did it.

I tried a specific diet which I actually liked. But when I ran out of fruits for breakfast, I’m back to zero. haha

So now I go back to this thing called intermittent fasting. Which I did for 1 week before. But I never recorded anything so I really don’t know (and don’t think) if it worked because it was just 1 week. No relevant changes. But recently one of my friends started it also for two weeks now and lost weight. So i got interested again. I don’t think I can explain the science behind it… so just click on the links below for more technical or scientific explanation.

Today is Day 1 of my IF.

Here’s the plan

Weekdays – 16-8 fast (16 hours fast, 8 hours eating)

Weekends – 14-10 (14 hours fast, 10 hours eating)

Measured my waist line, hips, thighs and arms. For my eyes only. 🙂

During fast: coffee, tea and water only. I hope I survive the black coffee part because that’s what’s harder for me, rather than the no eating. part.

Will try to record every week so i can track my progress. Hope this works! Especially with my soon-to-be crazy schedule.

But I still miss working out. So much. Need to workout soon!

CrossFit from a developmental perspective

CrossFit changed me. More specifically, it made me do things I would never have thought I’d be able to do. As a preschool teacher [and a Developmental Psychology major], I think it would be best to describe my progress in a developmental way:

Physical development (most obvious of them all)

  • stronger
    • Power Snatch at 80#
    • Power Cleans at 125#
    • Squat Cleans at 115#
    • Deadlift at more than 180# (i don’t remember exactly how heavy)
  • faster
  • lighter
  • rope climbing, handstand push ups, kipping pull-ups, double unders, toes-to-bar

Social and Emotional

  • communication
  • teamwork
  • determination
  • friendships formed
  • perseverance
  • focus
  • positive attitude


  • math skills: adding and subtracting weights, geometry
  • following instructions
  • physics: getting the right form and movement (it is really all about physics – from those kipping pull ups to those heavy snatches)

And those are just some of the skills that I’ve learned throughout this experience of CrossFit. Of course, just like any other sport or any community, it still has its cons…but I’d rather not discuss them and I prefer to move away from the bad things and focus on the good.

Out of all these learnings, I guess what would stick with me even after CrossFit is the quiet confidence and humility that I developed. Doing these things, these WODs, for me, were not a chance to prove or compete with other people. It was a chance to challenge myself. To prove to myself that I can do more than what I did before. It is also a chance for me to know my limits. You see, for me, CrossFit was not just about increasing your numbers in terms of weights or reps, but more so, learning what your body can do, and what your body can take.

Listening to your body. That’s what this experience taught me. I don’t increase my weights just because the person next to me lifts heavier; especially when I know that my form is bad. I don’t go fast, because the one beside me is ahead by a few reps or rounds; especially when I’m already having a hard time catching my breath. It was never about competing with other people. It was competing with myself. And I guess that is the best and healthiest competition one can have. Of course, competing can never be avoided, but it is not the sole purpose of your development. And it shouldn’t be. In workouts and in life.

*picture from @cfmnl