Open to new possibilities…

…specifically, our new food stall will soon open on Saturday, June 18,2016. The food park business has been evolving quickly here in the Philippines and we finally got into the craze as we joined as one of the concessionaires in the only food park in the Katipunan area. I have never been a foodie, but I have always been pushing my sister to pursue her dream of creating her own food truck business because I know she loves to cook and she is a great chef. Finally she is pursuing one of her dreams as she opens her own Cajun shrimp place at The Yard in Xavierville Ave, wittingly called Prawn Star.

This is something entirely new for me. As a teacher, I really have no idea how these things work. But because I love sausages and I feel like it is something that people (like me) continue to look for in malls or restaurants, then I think this is something that would click with the Filipinos. (I pray and I hope). So please please please, pray with me… or send good blessings my way as I tackle this new endeavour that I am about to encounter. May this new possibility continue to flourish and open up to even more and greater opportunities.

Opening soon… Wakamojo Sausages. It’s a Sausage Fest!



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