Intermittent fasting

For the non-active me.

I know. I know. I have been advocating for an active lifestyle. Keep Moving. But right now, I’m at a point in my life wherein I just can not be consistent with that part of me and it sucks. In all aspects of development.

Physical : getting fat… or rather my clothes are getting tighter 😦

Emotional: getting depressed because of physical

Social: do not want to go out because I have nothing to wear, and I don’t want to eat anymore

Cognitive: can not focus. I get easily distracted or restless.

I have tried KFIT and it worked for a while… but it has been a hassle lately because I need to plan out my workouts. It’s hard to cancel or make last minute plans (because for some establishments, you can not). Plus, going to different places de-motivates me (if there is such a word).

I tried running. Once. haha I ended up just walking. I am truly not a runner. When i think about it, or read up on other people’s stories, I think, “I can do that. run lang naman. para may exercise.” But no…

I tried to post a Morning Workout on my door. So that “I can see it and do it.” Fail. Did it twice so far. And both were in the afternoon, after work. I did it.

I tried a specific diet which I actually liked. But when I ran out of fruits for breakfast, I’m back to zero. haha

So now I go back to this thing called intermittent fasting. Which I did for 1 week before. But I never recorded anything so I really don’t know (and don’t think) if it worked because it was just 1 week. No relevant changes. But recently one of my friends started it also for two weeks now and lost weight. So i got interested again. I don’t think I can explain the science behind it… so just click on the links below for more technical or scientific explanation.

Today is Day 1 of my IF.

Here’s the plan

Weekdays – 16-8 fast (16 hours fast, 8 hours eating)

Weekends – 14-10 (14 hours fast, 10 hours eating)

Measured my waist line, hips, thighs and arms. For my eyes only. 🙂

During fast: coffee, tea and water only. I hope I survive the black coffee part because that’s what’s harder for me, rather than the no eating. part.

Will try to record every week so i can track my progress. Hope this works! Especially with my soon-to-be crazy schedule.

But I still miss working out. So much. Need to workout soon!


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