I am no athlete. But I do love comfortable, sensible and inexpensive clothing, especially when it comes to active wear.

KM lifestyle is all about an active lifestyle.

Ever since I started CrossFit I’m continuously looking for active wear for my WODs, but they’re either too expensive or just not the right fit that I like. As someone who has always been a t-shirt kind-of-girl when working out, the typical workout clothes are just not my cup of tea. And so, I decided to create my own line of shirts, starting with the sport that I am most familiar with – CrossFit. I started the line with anything CrossFit – Bootcamp strong, My Box, HSPU shirt, rope climb girl.

But of course, KM Lifestyle does not stop with CrossFit shirts. Just as the brand suggests, KM Lifestyle – I will expand my designs to other kinds of lifestyle. Your sport or hobby defines what lifestyle you choose. I would come up with designs to suit and match your lifestyle, your passion.

With KM Lifestyle, I encourage you to have an active lifestyle. To Keep Moving.
Choose your Lifestyle.

Surf. Swim. Skate. Cycle. Yoga. Box. Run. CrossFit. Climb.


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